Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July in Boston!

I'm home! Sort of a long story, but the short of it is I have been released from BOLC II early because of an injury....1st time in my life that I've been congratulated for being injured (other JAGs at Ft. Sill are jealous that I got out of it, but happy that I did at the same time). I have a stress fracture in the tibia on my right leg, just below the knee. I did it somewhere on a 4 mile ruck march and obstacle course. I think it happened after I jumped off a 10' wall on the obstacle course and landed hard, but am not sure. I didn't really notice it until later that night when we were back at the barracks. The next morning my knee was swollen and the doc later confirmed that it was a stress fracture. The only "cure" for a stress fracture is rest (6 weeks or so). Since I cannot get any rest in the course, I got released early. And that is just fine with me! No more 0530 wakeups...100 degree sunny days in 45lbs of body armor/helmet/canteens/rifle...MREs...taking orders from sergeants, etc. There are just 3 weeks left in the course, but the only "substantive" things I'll miss are the land navigation (already did that in May) and the 10 mile ruck march. So not missing much.

I got home in the middle of the night and surprised the kids when they woke up. They have been literally attached to me....I can't go to the bathroom without one of them with me! But it is great.
I'll take the next week off and then see about going back to Charities a couple weeks early. But I need a week to decompress and spend time with Karina and the girls. I'll write more about the whole experience as I wind down. But for right now, I am just glad to be home.