Saturday, December 27, 2008

OK, so why the ¨Blog¨?

I am writing this blog as there are so many people that I need to tell this story share this new adventure with. And rather than send the same email over and over again, I figured I'd put it all here. It will be mostly my way of sharing what I am going through in the training...which for this 40 year old should be the greatest challenge of my life (...although I would place handling Enya's ¨3 year old¨ temper tantrums as pretty close...). I am now waiting to see if I make it into the February JAOBC...if so I report to Ft. Lee, Virginia on Feb. 8th and finish at Ft. Benning, Georgia on July 24th. I'll explain more of the process case you are wondering about my girls...they will be with me for part of the training and probably in Mexico for the other part.

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