Monday, April 13, 2009


Just a short entry tonight....girls were slow to go to sleep.

This afternoon I went to the eye doc to get my prescription for glasses and gas mask inserts. The glasses are known as "BCG"s....or in layman's terms...."birth control glasses". They are affectionally called that because they are so ugly that no one will come near you while wearing them. They are really, really ugly. Thick, brown plastic frames. I'm supposed to have them for the officer training.

I'm not sure whether I'll share a pic with the BCGs...although since I've mentioned it, I probably have to now. But I'll be in Oklahoma by the time I get them.

Today is also our 7th wedding anniversary. Tried to explain it to Enya tonight, but her grasp of time still doesn't go beyond a day or two and afterwards she was asking when we were getting married again. We spent Easter with my brother and his family and Mom and Dad. Was really nice and really short. But good to see them. Karina and I have to find some time to celebrate our anniversary.

Will try to update this more often.

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