Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday!! well, I still have to work tomorrow...

PT (physical training) at 5am tomorrow morning...which means getting up around 4am. So much for sleeping in on Saturday.

Today we did a lot of drill and ceremony...marching in formation: right face, left face, forward march, etc. Was fun...well it was more fun as we did it better and the First Sergeant was happier. Looks really cool when 100 people are doing it.

There is just so much information to remember. A whole new language. Had a Chaplain visit the class today to discuss his office and role. More leadership training as well....sort of like what you would expect from an "effective" leadership training for a corporation.

So I am doing well. Enjoying it. I miss Karina and the girls terribly though...seems like I've been away forever. Got to talk to Enya a little last night and heard Grace laughing which is the best thing ever...

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