Wednesday, February 25, 2009

my typical day

We're settled into C'ville (short for Charlottesville). I am getting more time with the girls than I had thought. The girls are adjusting to my schedule. Enya was pretty excited to see my "school" last night.
My typical day:
I wake up around 5am (tomorrow it will be 4am), have PT for an hour, shower, eat and start class around 8am.
We get about an hour and a half for lunch that allows me to come back to the hotel (we are at a Residence Inn) and have lunch with the girls.
Afternoon class is about 2 hours give or take. Homework is pretty light (all 3 days so far!), but there frequently seems to be some admin task that fills part of the rest of the afternoon.
But so far, I have actually spent more time through the day with the girls than I ever have in my day job...of course, I am completely wiped out and all Enya wants to do is have me run around outside with her!

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