Sunday, February 15, 2009


Today was our first day in the "field" (aka the great outdoors!). It was pretty cold...I think the high was around 45, but when we first got there (at 7am), it had to have been in the low to mid 30s with a fairly strong wind. So we did a lot of moving around and boot stomping! But the events of the day kept it off our minds. We were at the pistol range. So I got to shoot a 9mm. Was fun. We also had some basic instruction on operating a radio and, of course, while we waited, we marched around the field in formation.

Today was also the first time I've eaten a MRE (Meal Ready to Eat). I had chili with beans. It comes in a place the chili packet into another plastic bag that has a heat packet in it and add water. In about 2 minutes, it is hot and ready to eat. Was actually pretty tasty. The MRE also came with crackers and peanut butter & jelly, corn, a milkshake packet that I didn't have enough time to make and a candy. The whole thing contains around 2000 calories. When in the field you get 3 a day and are expected to eat them...something about the need to take in huge amounts of calories to help with the lack of sleep and all of the activity. I have 2 of them to eat tomorrow...chicken and a cheese/veggie omelet (not so sure about the omelet!).

Tomorrow, we have our first ruck march. Boots, helmets, backpack, the whole thing. Only about 2 miles as we are marching to the field where we will be spending the day. 2 miles shouldn't be too bad since we are already running that far, but it will be different with all of the gear on our backs. It is also supposed to be the coldest day so far, so I'm going to double up on the long johns!

I am really enjoying it. It helps that my classmates are nice. Can't believe that it has only been a week. Seems like a month. Karina tells me that Grace is sick and so is Grandma now (and Karina is feeling it a bit, too). So they are definitely working overtime up there. Will see them a week from today!!

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