Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Soldier First, Lawyer Always"

This is the JAG motto. We are getting a ton of history, values, officer duties, the JAG role of upholding the law and ethics, etc, plus more drill and ceremony (formation, marching, etc). Got my shots yesterday and gas mask today. Gas mask is for next week when we march into a gas chamber filled with tear gas and then have to take our masks off...should be fun!

Days are still long with very early mornings....mostly 4am ish all this week and done around 6pm or so. But I am enjoying it. Classmates are great. Everyone working together....pretty cool to see more than 100 lawyers doing that....very unusual :) .

Drill instructors are really good. Really tough, but smart. The guy who stands next to me in formation was born and raised in West Lafayette, IN. Now works for the State Department in his civilian job and will probably be posted at an Embassy (not in a military capacity) after he finishes his JAG training. He is a reservist as well. I've made some friends as well...we're all in the "older" category (35 and 42), reservists and married w/ kids. So we have some things in common. But even without them, I can join anyone in the class without a problem...and occasionally do when we are all split up. So I have successfully made social contacts!

Time to go. Get to sleep in tomorrow (6am!!) .


  1. Hi Tom - good to hear from you. Love you. Take care. It's nice to hear what you're doing. Do they let you wear your orange gym shoes? love,Julianne P.S. Charlie is getting huge. Eating and sleeping pretty well. Last night he slept for over 5 hours! A record. Can't wait til you can meet him. We hung an old pic of you and Karina in Stella's room...she likes it:) Tomorrow I'm going to a mom's v-day party at preschool with Oliver.

  2. Question: doing research on the Army JAG Corps - in the 1940s did the JAG motto apply?
    Judy E.